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The Committee

The Parade Committee

The Parade Committee wishes to acknowledge the many hours of work contributed by so many during the year. Names are too numerous to mention but thank you to the staff of the banks who help us collect our much-needed funds, thank you to our local Town newspaper, ‘The Bee’ without who’s continued support we would not be able to put on the “show”.

Thank you to the Street Directors, who have the unenviable task of ensuring the participants ‘parade’ in order and in a timely fashion. Thank You to the Judges and the MC’s who keep us entertained. Thank you to the residents of Newtown and adjoining towns who have so generously donated to fund the Parade.

Thank you finally to all the participants who turn out every year to make the day so memorable.

Thank You Volunteers!

Nick Kopcik
Parade Committee President

Krystina Staskiewicz

Melissa Kopcik
Participant Chair & Lineup Coordinator

Brett Radachowsky 
Logistics & Lineup Coordinator

Stacey Olszewski
Parade Fair Coordinator

Tom D’ Agostino
 Vice President & Logistics Coordinator

Andy Cluff
Sponsorship, Advertising & Treasurer

Meredith Roland
Participant Chair & Lineup Coordinator

Ellie Whalen
Community Liaison Concierge

Manuel Fernandes
Social Media, Website, & Technology

Becky Osborne 
Social Media, Website, & Marketing

 Andy Gallagher
Police Department Liaison

Committee By-Laws